The benefits of silk pillowcases for the skin

Everyone is aware of the good that a good night's sleep does: it stimulates the immune system, gets rid of stress, gives an extra boost of energy in the morning, gives a fresh and rested look, and gets rid of the dark circles under the eyes.

Have you ever woken up with a "sleep wrinkle" on your face?

We spend about a third of our life in bed and often sleep on our sides. For about 7 to 8 hours every night we sleep in positions that irritate and wrinkle the skin on the face. Ask any plastic surgeon or dermatologist and they will tell you that they can guess which side you sleep on by simply observing these wrinkles on your face!

Sleep well

About 99.9% of the population sleeps on cotton pillow cases. The problem with cotton is that it doesn't slide and that the fabric continually rubs and pulls on the delicate parts of the face and neck.

As it ages, our skin becomes more fragile, less elastic and "sleep wrinkles" take longer to go away. They develop slowly but surely into permanent lines.

Only assorted pillow cases made with a very soft, non-abrasive fabric such as natural mulberry silk limit the friction of the fabric on the skin and the appearance of sleep wrinkles.

But what are the much talked about advantages of using silk?

Silk for a beautiful skin

1 - Silk has an anti-aging effect

- First of all, silk contains natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids which speed up the metabolism of skin cells and help to counter the effects of aging. Since the skin "works" and regenerates itself during the night, producing new cells twice as fast as during the day, it is all the more important.

- Secondly, the silky texture of the silk prevents the formation of "sleep wrinkles", which results from constant friction with your pillowcase. Such is not the case with cotton fiber, which is much more rugged.

2- Silk dehydrates less than cotton

One of the properties of cotton is its capacity to absorb up to 30% of its weight in liquid. Silk does not do this. Its absorption rate is only about 11%.

Therefore, it dehydrates the epidermis much less than cotton does and it keeps skin naturally hydrated during the night. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase lets your skin look better and stay softer. Silk preserves the youthfulness of your face.

3- Silk is hypoallergenic

- On one side, silk retains very few germs due to the structure of its fibers. Moreover, there is very little space for dust and other allergens, which irritate the skin and eyes, to enter between the silk threads weaved with the finest quality.

- Moreover, enzymes which are present in the silk prevent the appearance of small imperfections and take part in acne control. The skin breathes and rests on a more hygienic surface. The use of silk is advised in cases of severe acne or eczema due to its numerous antibacterial qualities.

4 - Your silk pillowcase won't absorb beauty creams

Unlike cotton pillowcases, silk doesn't absorb creams or hair treatments. You can enjoy a smooth sleep right after you've applied your night cream : your beauty products will stay on your face.

5 - Silk is amazing for hair

In addition to being good for your skin, silk is also amazing for hair for more than one reason:

Silk for beautiful hair

-First, silk weavings are not rough, unlike cotton fabrics. Because they are soft and silky, they will make your hair "glide" across the pillowcase and prevent the excessive friction that causes hair breakage.

Long hair will go with your head's movement during the night and will be less likely to tangle. You will be able to sleep without tying it up again. The outbreak of "split ends" and "knots" will be visibly reduced, your hair will break less and you will stop losing your hair.

-Second, silk does not conduct static electricity so you can keep your hair silky soft! No need to worry about static tangled hair in the early morning.

-Third, soft tangle-free hair also means reducing hair loss in the long run.

Last but not least, silk acts as a humidity sensor, creating a protective barrier that keeps your hair properly hydrated. It absorbs far less sebum produced by your hair. Hence it is better protected.

6 - Silk is a great temperature controller

Cool when it's hot, hot when it's cool, silk is a natural heat controller: thus it allows your body temperature to be perfectly maintained while you're sleeping and is specifically appreciated by people with frequent hot flushes and night sweats or with fragile, inflamed or sensitive skin.

Keeping cool in the summer, turning your pillow over in order to find a little cool spot will be useless!

Even if it is easy to show that sleeping on silk has an impact on the aspect of facial skin, all you have to do is lay your head down on a silk pillowcase or slip in between silk sheets to provide convincing proof of how comfortable and cool they are during the hot season and adopt them forever.

When it comes to the cold season, you will appreciate the cosy comfort of a silk duvet cover and its awesome capacity to keep body warmth without having a single choking or sweating sensation.