More than a fashion accessory, socks protect your feet and shoes. And for healthy feet, nothing better than silk, which has multiple benefits.

Why wear silk socks?

1. Hygienic socks

Silk contains sericin, an antimicrobial and antibacterial agent. It also has the ability to reduce perspiration, thus keeping your feet in a healthy environment.

2. Comfortable socks

In addition to its incomparable softness, silk is naturally hypoallergenic. It is perfect for sensitive feet. In addition, it is thin and offers an ideal second skin effect in case of heat or when you use them as under-socks.

3. Thermoregulating socks

Silk is a material that can adapt to body temperature. So it is refreshing in summer and keeps you warm in winter. Moreover, silk socks are often used for winter sports. By putting them under your usual socks, you will keep the heat even better for feet protected from the cold.

4. Resistant and durable socks

Silk is one of the strongest materials available. At equal diameter, the silk thread is as strong as a steel wire. Thus, silk is one of the fabrics best able to withstand time for long-lasting use.

How to choose the right silk socks?

1. Choose your socks according to their use

If you want to wear your silk socks under knitted socks to keep your feet warm, opt for plain silk socks which will be more comfortable.

2. Choose your socks according to your style

Among women, the trend is for visible socks! For a chic and ultra-feminine style, opt for silk socks with lace. And for a more casual look, plain and ribbed silk socks are perfect.

Gentlemen, we recommend that you vary the colors. Black is sober, timeless and suits all outfits. Navy blue and mottled anthracite gray are also rather discreet colors. As for red (brouilly), camel and taupe, they bring a touch of fantasy and elegance to your look.

Why choose our silk socks?

1. The know-how

The Bleu Forêt brand that produces the silk socks that we market has undeniable know-how. Since 1994, this small family business has been making socks and tights.

2. Made in France

Our silk socks are knitted in the Vosges (North East of France). The brand is France Terre Textile certified. This recognized label issued by an independent organization guarantees that at least 75% of the production stages are carried out in France in approved companies.

3. Responsible and sustainable production

At Bleu Forêt, waste is rigorously recycled. The factory produces about 80% of its electricity needs itself. The production is reasoned, there is no overproduction. Finally, in order to reduce the carbon footprint, the suppliers are French, chosen closest to the manufacturing plant, or European (Italy and Germany) for spinning companies. In addition, the socks are designed to last: sourcing the best yarns, reinforced heels and toes...