Organic Cosmetics Maison de la Soie Charter

Maison de la Soie is committed to respecting people and the environment by choosing to work with a small family business that formulates and manufactures its products in its laboratory located in the South-East of France.

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Proficiency and product knowledge

Cosmetic products must be formulated and produced by a single company which distributes directly to consumers through a single intermediary, Maison de la Soie, with a concern for better control of the entire manufacturing, production and distribution chain of cosmetics sold to consumers.

Raw materials

At least 98.9% of the raw materials used to develop cosmetic products must be of natural origin. If the product contains non-natural compounds, they must be "nature identical".

10% to 100% of the product must contain ingredients from Organic Farming.

There must be no petrochemical compounds, no silicones, no sulphates.

Similarly, there should be no controversial compounds. Each compound present in the formula must have undergone precise and recent scientific monitoring before it is placed on the market. This must be regularly updated during the marketing period of the product in order to guarantee the safety of the product for human health.

The perfumes used must only be composed of 100% pure and natural essential oils.


The packaging used must be biodegradable or recyclable.

Product must not contain unnecessary packaging.

Respect for nature

No tests must be carried out on animals, neither on the raw materials used to make the products, nor on the finished products in accordance with the regulations.

The raw materials used must respect nature and the environment.

The short circuit must be favoured: intermediaries must be reduced to a minimum to minimize the environmental impact.

Respect for Man

The products may not contain any controversial compound that could harm or is suspected of harming human health (ex: parabens, phenoxyethanol, thiazolinone derivatives, etc...)< /p>

Company personnel must be treated with respect and dignity, in a process of personal development (Corporate Social Responsibility).

The consumer must be informed in a clear and transparent manner and can find answers to any questions clearly and quickly, including the provision of an easy means of contact with the company.

A framed and transparent practice

The certificates of the organic raw materials used can be accessed upon simple request by the consumer.

Good manufacturing practices should be followed. It should be noted that the National Health and Medicines Agency (ANSM) can carry out inspections of the premises at any time.

Waste management

Waste must be treated and disposed of with respect for people and the environment.