The momme ?

You may have noticed that the quality of silk bed linen is defined as "momme". But do you know the meaning of this word and why it is used?

In order to help you shop with confidence, we will explain the meaning and importance of this term.

Definition of momme

The momme is a Japanese unit of measurement which allows to evaluate the density of the silk and thus to define the quality of the fabric.

- 1 momme = 4,3056 g/m².

- 12 momme = 51,6672 g/m².

- 16 mums = 68,8896 g/m².

- 19 wefts = 81,8064 g/m².

- 22 mums = 94.7232 g/m².

- 25 wefts = 107,64 g/m².

Thus, a 19-ply silk contains about 20% more silk than the 16-ply and there is 16% more silk in the 22-ply than in the 19-ply.

Silk Quality

Generally, to determine the quality of a fabric, such as cotton for example, we look at the number of threads used. In the case of silk, this criterion is not sufficient. Indeed, two silk fabrics can have the same number of threads without being of the same quality. Furthermore, as silk threads are extremely fine, the number of threads used would be far too high and this figure could mislead the consumer.

Thus, to measure the quality of silk, we use the momme which is much more precise because it will determine the quantity of silk present in a square meter of fabric.

Momme and characteristics of silk bed linen

The higher the momme, the more important the price of the material is because concretely this will translate into :

- A softer and more luxurious silk

- A more resistant and durable silk

- Silk that is compatible with intensive use

- A more opaque silk

Which fabric for which use?

Depending on the final product, different qualities of silk will be chosen for the garment:

- Less than 12 mums: Accessories, scarves and light silk garments

- From 12 to 16 mums: silk pajamas

- From 19 mommes: Pyjamas and bed linen in silk

There are bed linens made from 16 count silk, but for a beautiful, durable and easy to care for silk, 19 count is highly recommended. At Maison de la Soie, we mainly offer 19 count silk bedding which offers the best value for money. With this Prestige Collection, you will have a quality silk bedding at an affordable price.

And in order to satisfy the most demanding customers, we also have an Excellence Collection with our 22 count bed linen and the sublime Quintessence Collection with 25 count pillowcases.