Silk best beauty ally

Silk is a noble, soft and shiny material. In cosmetology, this natural textile fiber is presented in the form of hydrolyzed silk protein. This liquid silk is easily incorporated into beauty products without losing its benefits.

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Silk, a precious natural ingredient for the skin

Used extensively in creams and lotions, silk is rich in amino acids. These amino acids promote the formation of collagen in the skin, thus increasing its elasticity. Its low molecular weight, also allows the silk protein to penetrate more easily the upper layers of the epidermis.

In addition, it avoids the cutaneous drying thanks to its nutritive qualities and maintains your skin hydrated while conferring an incomparable softness to him.

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The benefits of silk on your hair

In terms of hair care, silk is an active ingredient known for its sheathing and smoothing properties. Combined with the keratin naturally present in your hair, the silk protein will protect and nourish it in depth.

On damaged and dull hair, it works miracles! Silk repairs, strengthens and adds shine to your hair. Its smoothing power detangles and disciplines your hair to make it soft and supple.

Benefits of silk for skin and hair

You will have understood, for a beautiful, soft and healthy skin and hair, we adopt silk in our beauty routine!

Silk beauty masks

To reinforce the benefits of this natural active ingredient, our beauty masks for the face are made of cotton-silk and contain hydrolyzed silk protein. You will be assured of a gentle care for a deep action.