The silk meat bag guide

Why use a sack sheet ?

The sack sheet or meat bag is generally used inside a sleeping bag to improve comfort and to avoid dirtying it. It can also be used alone at home or on a trip when the temperature allows you to do without a sleeping bag.

Why choose a silk meat bag?

The vast majority of sleeping bag sheets are made of synthetic fibers or cotton, mainly because of the price. However, silk is the most comfortable material because it does not irritate the skin. Moreover, it is naturally anti-perspirant and regulates the temperature. Therefore, it is the ideal material for bag sheets.

What is the value of cheap silk meat bags?

Victim of their success, the silk bags have been declined by all the major sports brands who have competed with imagination to offer products always more economical but whose quality is also necessarily pulled down. The fabric is generally thinner. Their size is reduced. The finishes are basic and the seams are not necessarily as strong as branded silk sack sheets.

On our site, you will find only Cocoon brand sheets which is a reference in this field. This assures you of superior quality and technicality.

Which size to choose ?

Silk fitted sheets are generally available in rectangular and sarcophagus sizes. If you want to use your sack sheet with a sleeping bag, it is advisable to choose the same size as the bag. If you want to use the sheet alone, the rectangular version is more suitable because it leaves more room to move your legs.

There is also a double size for lovers and a child size.

Which range to choose?
There are several ranges of silk sackcloths for which the main variable is the resistance of the fabric. For occasional use, we recommend the eco model. The standard model is slightly larger and more comfortable. For more intensive use, we recommend the Ripstop models with reinforced fabric.