Silk Duvets vs. Down Duvets

What is the difference in thermal properties?

Silk keeps the body warm when the temperature is cool and it evacuates excessive heat during hot nights. This allows the body to regulate temperature. The silk comforter is also particularly suitable for couples with different body temperatures.

Down comforters are known for their ability to retain heat. However, in summer they are known to be too hot.

What about comfort?

Silk is by far the most pleasant textile fiber to the touch. Silk is soft, supple and unlike synthetic fibers, it is anti-static. Silk comforters are enveloping unlike down comforters which are less supple. The latter allow air to pass around the body. In addition, the filling of down comforters is not uniform, which creates thermal bridges. To avoid this phenomenon, you have to shake it every morning to put the filling back in place, which can become tiresome.

Which one is less sweaty?

Silk is an extremely absorbent natural fiber that has the particularity of remaining dry on the surface. Indeed, it absorbs moisture in the heart of the fiber. This property is particularly interesting because it reduces the rate of humidity under the comforter and therefore the perspiration is also reduced. This is not the case with down comforters, which are much less absorbent than silk and tend to store heat without releasing excessive heat.

What about health ?

Silk contains sericin, a protein that naturally repels dust mites and bacteria. It therefore naturally protects against skin and respiratory tract allergies.

Down comes from the feathers of ducks or geese and can cause allergies in people who are allergic to animal hair or feathers. In addition, down is composed of a multitude of fairly volatile filaments that can cause asthma in people with allergies.

Which one is easier to maintain?

The maintenance of a silk comforter is very simple. Two to three airings per year allow to give it back its swelling. Silk does not require washing because it is naturally anti-bacterial and repels dust mites.

The down comforter is generally washable with water but mildew can develop if the drying time is too long.

Originally, there was only the down comforter in the mid to high end of the natural comforter market. Silk is slowly gaining acceptance due to its unique properties and ease of use. Moreover, a silk comforter is ultimately very inexpensive after deducting the savings on maintenance. Maison de la soie offers quality comforters at the best price by cutting out the middleman.

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