Information on cookies

Our website uses cookies to work. Cookies are small text files downloaded onto your device. Most of them are necessary to help you to browse and allow you to have access to the full functionality of our website. For instance, they allow you to log in and check your cart. Other cookies are used for statistical purposes giving us information about users’ activities on our website. They help us improve our website content. Finally, some of them are used to show you more relevant advertising.

The disable of a cookie can block the access to some services such as the cart or the log in form. However, in order to reject cookies, the user can set up their device as following:

-Using Internet Explore: Tools / Internet Options. Click on Privacy tab and choose Block all the cookies. Ok to confirm.

-Using Netscape: Edit / Preferences. Click on Advanced and choose Disable Cookies. Ok to confirm

-Using Firefox: Tools / Options. Click on Privacy tab – Cookies – Clear Private Data now

For further information about cookies, including how to check which cookies have been downloaded onto your device and how to manage and delete them, you can visit and