Our story 

A great family adventure and a company on a human scale

Created in 2010 in the south-west of France by Wei and Guillaume Arbel, Maison de la Soie is now THE French benchmark for silk bedding and bed linen.

Our story begins in a garage

Before/after Maison de la Soie premises

Like many entrepreneurs, Wei and Guillaume started Maison de la Soie adventure in their garage. When the business began to grow, the products gradually invaded their home. Then the couple finds a modest warehouse in Serres-Castet, a pretty little town located in Béarn (Southwest France). Today and since 2021, Maison de la Soie shares a 700m2 warehouse with another e-shop specialized in natural household linen.

Photo: Before/After, our premises in Serres-Castet

Discovering a little-known market

Maison de la Soie silk duvets

The idea of ​​creating Maison de la Soie came when someone close to Wei, of Chinese origin, asked her if she could bring him back a silk duvet from her stay in China. At that time, it was not easy to find quality silk products at an affordable price in France. Competitors were few in number and took the opportunity to apply indecent margin coefficients. So that was the spark: why not introduce these products to French consumers?

Photo: the much talked about silk duvets

Making silk affordable

Road silk

After a market study, Wei and Guillaume decided to launch an offer two to three times cheaper than their competitors. The success was immediate! They had accomplished what they hopped for: making silk accessible to as many people as possible. This is how silk found its place in the bedding and bed linen French market. Today, thanks to the economies of scale that we achieve and direct online sales without intermediaries, we are able to offer you a wide choice and the cheapest silk on the market.

Photo: Jiayuguan Fort, strategic crossing point of the ancient Silk Road

In search of the best know-how

silk threads

In France, the sericulture industry died out at the beginning of the 20th century. On the other hand, in China, the cradle of silk, the production and processing of this noble and natural fiber has never ceased. Today, it is even the world's leading producer. The Middle Kingdom is renowned for the quality of its exceptional silk and its extremely fine production, particularly thanks to its ancestral know-how. It is therefore quite natural that Wei and Guillaume turned to this country for the production of their high-end items. After prospecting for a long time and checking the working conditions in the workshops, their choice fell on contractors with whom we have now been working for a long time. Moreover, Guillaume meets them regularly to ensure the quality of the production.

Photo: delicately woven silk threads

« With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown »

Silk know-how

As the saying goes, making silk is a hard work that takes a lot of time. In addition, some of our products are handmade, for example our silk duvets and the finish of our scarves. Our production therefore requires a skilled workforce that knows how to be meticulous. And unlike competing Chinese sites, we have strict specifications that our manufacturers undertake to respect. This long and precise process justifies the price of silk. Our goal is to make this luxury affordable without neglecting product quality. We also rely on word of mouth to make ourselves known rather than on marketing, the cost of which must necessarily be passed on to the consumer.

Photo: handcrafted silk quilt

Explainining to you of the benefits of silk

Blog all about silk

How do you sell a product you don't believe in? At Maison de la Soie, we don't know how to do that. We have chosen to work and market items of which we are convinced of the benefits. Moreover, the whole team has adopted Maison de la Soie products! Pillowcases, scrunchies, beauty masks, protective masks, sheets or duvets, we can no longer do without them. And to help you bring silk into your life and into your bed, we take the time to inform you about the exceptional properties of this natural fiber. We regularly update our buyer's guide, our blog and our social networks to help you in your choices.

Photo: All about silk on Maison de la Soie's Blog

The team Maison de la Soie

Wei Accounting Maison de la SoieWei : Accounting

Historically, Maison de la Soie started in 2010 with Wei, then self-entrepreneur. In 2012, when the company was created, she became Manager. Today, Wei has a very versatile position in the team, she is in charge of accountancy, of the preparation of the parcels and she even provides us with pastries for the coffee everyday!

Favorite products: Silk night cream

Guillaume Manager Maison de la SoieGuillaume : Management

After a career in aviation, Guillaume decided to radically change course to join the family company fulltime. He replaced Wei as Manager of Maison de la Soie in 2016 and takes care of the administrative part and commercial development. Occasionally, he also handles Customer Service.

Favorite products: Silk duvets

Céline Communication Maison de la SoieCéline : Communication

Specialized in textiles since 2008, Céline worked for several French clothing brands in Paris and Strasbourg before joining Maison de la Soie in 2020. She takes care of the editorial and visual content of the website and manages social networks. Creativity and passion for writing animate this bon vivant.

Favorite products: Silk scrunchies & pillowcases

Quentin Logistics Maison de la SoieQuentin : Logistics and Customer service

Quentin arrived in 2021 at Maison de la Soie. He knows all our products inside out. From inventory management to order preparation and Customer Service, this jack of all trades quickly became a major asset. Quentin is a good listener and honestly advises and helps you with good vibes only.

Favorite products: Silk flat sheets