A little history 

Founded in 2009 in a lovely village in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques not far from Pau, the Maison de la Soie ("House of Silk") has gradually established itself as a specialist in silk bedding, earning its stripes with impeccable collections, which we have been constantly improving over the years.

Made with the most splendid silks with care and precision, our products are exemplified by their technicality and ambitious production choices; they convince through the quality of their finishing touches and meet even the most draconian standards to guarantee the comfort, softness and longevity that you are in right to expect from an exceptional natural raw material, even sold at the best price.

But promising you the most beautiful products would not be enough without commercial ethics and we have always preferred an attentive and considerate service as well as faultless commitment to our customers' service over easy promises.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide silk bed linen and duvets of the highest quality at the best price. Similar products to those that we offer are often sold in specialist shops at two to three times the prices that we charge. 
Because we specialise in silk we know our products perfectly and offer only the very best.

About us

Unfortunately, silk is still relatively uncommon in the West and consumers are ill-informed or misled by some less scrupulous companies.

Some retailers, including some well known names, take advantage of these facts to sell off products that are without doubt cheap but also of very low quality. 

We have ensured that our website will provide you with full information about our products and also about how silk duvets are made. We also provide buyers’ guides to silk duvets and bed linen. This information will ensure that you understand what makes our products different.

Silk and sleep

Lastly, we are pleased and proud to be able to bring silk to a wider public and to help our clients and particularly those suffering from allergies, problems with circulation, asthma or sensitive skin to get healthy sleep.