Silk duvets benefits

Silk is naturally healthy and insulating, making it the ideal filling for duvets. The combination of its excellent thermal and health-giving properties provides the perfect environment for sleep.
Because it is thermoregulatory, it is good for people who suffer from hot flushes or who sleep in unheated rooms where the variations in temperature can be wide.

les propriétés des couettes en soie

  • It is light and airy, aids the circulation of the blood and prevents the suffocating feeling that is sometimes experienced with other thicker and heavier duvets. 
  • It is soft and enfolds you in warmth but avoids thermal bridges.
  • It is absorbent, reduces perspiration and the rate of humidity as well as purifying the air.
  • It is hypoallergenic and so ideal for those who suffer from asthma, skin and respiratory allergies. Irritation and sneezing, which are often responsible for sleep problems, are visibly reduced.
  • It is antibacterial and so naturally healthy without the need for any chemical treatment. 
  • Ii is good for the environment because sericiculture does not require any chemical treatment, and the silkworms eat nothing but mulberry leaves to produce their cocoons.