How to choose the right silk duvet weight?

Our duvet range is made up of four weights:


The silk summer duvet

It is perfect for the hot season or for people who often get hot since it insulates from both heat and cold. It allows the body to naturally regulate its temperature.

The silk autumn duvet

Warm but light, it is ideal for mid-season or for temperate rooms. This is the best formula to enjoy at least half the year the benefits of silk duvets at a lower price.

The silk all seasons duvet

This is the economical formula for enjoying the benefits of silk duvets all year round. It is composed of a summer duvet and a autumn duvet to be used separately or together to obtain a very warm duvet for the winter. Ties on the sides and on the corners allow the two duvets to be united. Although light compared to thick down duvets, the all seasons duvet has incomparable insulating power and offers soft, enveloping warmth. It is also ideal for chilly people suffering from blood circulation problems or feelings of suffocation.

The silk winter duvet

It is perfect for poorly heated rooms, harsh winters and chilly people. Like the other duvets, it is equipped with ties allowing you to combine it with another duvet for even more warmth.

Silk duvet weight guide

weight Tog Temperature
Summer duvet 180 g/m2 4 togs above 20°C
Autumn duvet 320 g/m2 9 togs between 16°C and 20°C
All seasons duvet 180+320 g/m2 13 togs under 16°C
Winter duvet 500 g/m2 13 togs under 16°C