How to choose the right weight of silk duvet?

Our range of duvets consists of three different weights:

  • The> silk summer duvet (4 tog) is perfect for hot weather and for people who feel the heat because it insulates you from both heat and cold. It allows your body to regulate its temperature naturally. 
  • The silk autumn duvet (9 tog) is warm but light. It is perfect for spring and autumn and for cool bedrooms. It is also the best way to enjoy the benefits of a silk duvet for at least half of the year at a very reasonable price. 
  • The silk combination duvet (13 tog) is the economical way to get the benefit of silk duvets all year round. It comprises a summer duvet and an autumn duvet that can be used separately or together to make a really warm winter duvet. It has fastenings on the sides and at the corners to attach the two duvets. Although it is light compared to a heavy, down-filled duvet, the combination duvet has incomparable insulating properties and provides gentle, enveloping warmth. It is also perfect for people who feel the cold, who have problems with circulation or who feel suffocated by heavier duvets.