Silk Bed linen buyers' guide


This article is designed to explain the most important quality criteria to be considered when buying silk bed linen. The quality of the raw materials, the density of the fabric and the standard of the finish will all have an effect on the cost price.

Here at Maison de la Soie, we have decided to limit our offer to silk of the highest quality whilst still keeping our prices highly competitive by selling direct online. Our products are made to last and to give you incomparable comfort.


1- Mulberry silk 

Mulberry silk originated from ancient Chinese know-how and is produced by silkworms from the species Bombyx Mori. To produce their cocoons, the silkworms eat nothing but mulberry leaves. The larvae of this domesticated butterfly, which has been selectively bred over generations, produces a cocoon with fine but very tough thread that is regular and naturally white. 
It is, above all, these unequalled, natural qualities that explain the long-lasting popularity of silk over the centuries. 
Mulberry silk is entirely different to wild silk which has a weaker thread, is irregular and has a yellowish colouring.


2- The long fibres of grade A silk

Grade A is the best quality of silk. It involves the selection of good quality cocoons that unwind with a long, regular thread.
For silk bed linen, it means that there are fewer ends of threads. Silk satin is even more luxurious, softer and stronger.


3- The momme 

The momme is a unit that measures the density of silk fabrics. 
For bed linen, the momme ranges from 12 to 19. 
It is one of the most important selection criteria for silk bed linen, because the thicker silk satin is, the stronger, softer and visibly luxurious it is. 
Our silk is of the highest quality, i.e. 19 mommes. 


4- Seamless sheets

The price of bolts of silk varies greatly depending on their width. It is more economical to join two lengths of fabric longwise to make a wide sheet.
However, it is unpleasant and unattractive to have a seam in the middle of your sheets.
We only offer seamless sheets.


5- Satin

Satin is a soft, shiny fabric that can be produced from any kind of yarn. The word ‘satin’, on its own, usually refers to polyester satin, but you will also find cotton satin, viscose satin, etc. Clearly, there is no comparison from a visual or tactile point of view between those fabrics and natural silk satin. Beware of dishonest websites that sell polyester satin described as silk satin.


6- Beware of Asian websites

We receive regular feedback from exasperated clients who have been scammed by foreign websites. Before buying from an overseas website, remember:

  • That the prices are displayed exclusive of VAT and other taxes.
  • VAT  and customs duty on the purchase price, including shipping costs are payable with the possibility of a fine or seizure in the event failure to declare in advance. 
  • That it is generally impossible or extremely expensive to return a substandard product.