Sleep better with a silk and bamboo carbon pillow

Sleep better with a silk and bamboo carbon pillow

Spring has sprung and you may think it weird to talk about sleep, just as nature's waking up and we're coming out of our winter hibernation. Yet, bearing in mind that we spend a third of our lives in bed (or one day in three), it's really not surprising.

So today's topic is sleep, as there's nothing better than getting a good night's kip!

Pillows are big business. In shops or online, they come in all shapes and sizes. Even though natural fabrics are best sellers, some are better than others!

Which is where bamboo charcoal (AKA bamboo activated charcoal) and silk come into play. So, what's the big deal?

Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal is made by burning bamboo using a technique called 'pyrolysis'. The result is a type of charcoal that's then ground down to a fine powder - bamboo charcoal.

Bamboo charcoal

Bamboo charcoal is much more porous than other vegetable-based charcoals. This is because the bamboo plant has a unique structure.

This permeability means bamboo charcoal can protect large surface areas from the elements. In practical terms, molecules and humidity get trapped by the bamboo charcoal thanks to chemical and electrostatic forces, also known as the Van der Waals force.

Which is why it's become so popular in the bedding industry. Duvets and pillows that contain bamboo charcoal in a polyester base absorb smells, limit humidity and have purifying properties.

The health benefits of using this technology in our duvets and pillows are next to none. You just need to give them a try!

Moisture absorbency
Bamboo charcoal consists of thousands of micro pores that regulate humidity levels, meaning it has an incredibly high absorption rate to leave our bedrooms feeling airy, comfortable and perfect for a good night's sleep.

An odour and pollutant-buster
Charcoal neutralises bad smells, cigarette smoke and body odours that may come from the food we eat or medicines that we take.

Antibacterial properties
Absorbing bad odeurs and keeping humidity levels in check prevents allergy-provoking bacteria from flourishing. This means bedding that contains bamboo charcoal naturally keeps itself 'clean'.

Reflecting infra-red rays and freeing negative ions.
Bedding that contains bamboo charcoal has the remarkable ability to bounce off infrared rays emitted by our bodies. This has a positive effect on our skin's circulatory system. Plus bamboo charcoal emits negative ions that are known to promote restful sleep!

That fact that our pillows contain bamboo charcoal covered by grade A long silk fibres, means that you can benefit from both bamboo charcoal and silk's health-boosting properties!


Silk is a textile that once clothed the mightiest of emperors and mulberry silk is harvested from the cocoons of Bombyx Mori silk worms that feed off mulberry leaves. Silk worms are nowadays reared and the incredibly strong, even and naturally white fibres used to make their cocoons are farmed.

The unequalled, natural qualities of these fibres explains why silk has seen so much success throughout the ages. Grade A silk is the best quality on the market. It involves harvesting the best cocoons from which long, regular fibres are obtained.

Silk has also blasted on to the beauty scene - it limits the appearance of wrinkles and keeps our manes smooth and shiny! With its elegant sheen and warm, soft properties, silk is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

The benefits our pillows' filling would be nothing with out their gloriously comfortable casing. This outer fabric is made from a top-quality, 100% tightly-woven percale cotton, comprising of 250 TC. A carefully chosen cotton fabric, perfect for tired, sleepy heads!

Finally, their Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification means they meet human-ecological standards, to provide you with pillows that are non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Oeko Tex 100

So now you'll understand why we offer a lot more than your average run-of-the-mill bamboo viscose pillows.

Don't be duped by so-called bamboo pillows. Only their outer contains bamboo and it's not even bamboo fibres - its a type of viscose produced from the plant. And don't get us started on their low-quality polyester filling!

And to beat it all, our pillows aren't more expensive than their viscose bamboo equivalents - they're both luxurious and affordable.
Square pillow 65X65: 79 € - Rcetangle pillow 50X70 : 69 €


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