Why buy a silk nightcap?

Crushed, tangled, broken, your hair has a hard time when you sleep. To protect them when you are in the arms of Morpheus, adopt this very simple trick: wear a silk nightcap!

Here are 5 fabulous actions of the silk nightcap on your hair:

1. Protect your hair

When you sleep, the movements you make while you sleep damage your hair. With a silk nightcap, they are wrapped in a very soft cocoon. Silk, thanks to its many benefits, will help you preserve them.

2. Avoid frizz

Frizz occurs when the hair cuticle (the scales that envelop and protect the hair) lifts up. Their main causes are repeated rubbing and dehydration of the hair. The humidity accentuates this phenomenon even more. Silk is known to absorb moisture, maintain hydration and limit friction. Therefore, it naturally reduces the appearance of frizz.

3. Reduce split ends

When your hair is dry and weakened, split ends can appear at the tips of the hair. The silk nightcap will nourish your split ends and allow you to have beautiful hair again.

4. Preserve curls or straightening

It is hard to keep your curls or straightening intact when you sleep. The silk nightcap will hold the hair in place and protect it from friction that could damage your hairstyle.

5. Allow care to act

Silk is a water repellent fabric and it absorbs much less oil than other materials such as cotton, wool or linen. This means that the silk will not absorb the water or the oil in your beauty products. Thus, your care will be better assimilated by your hair.

How to choose the right nightcap ?

1. Take a nightcap with an elastic band

For more comfort, opt for an adjustable nightcap with an elastic. In fact, the elastic will adapt to your head size and will hold your hair better while you sleep.

2. Choose a nightcap with pretty colors

Even if no one (or almost) can see you with your nightcap on, it's always more enjoyable to wear a nice accessory. The silk reflects the light beautifully and highlights the colors. Choose a magnificient shade to look chic even when you sleep.

Why choose our silk nightcaps?

1. A premium quality silk

As we are silk specialists since 2010, we are able to select the most beautiful silks. Indeed, our nightcaps are made of natural mulberry silk, the best that exists.

2. Comfortable silk nightcaps

The elastic that keeps the cap on the head does not tighten it. Thus, our cups are so comfortable, they can be worn all night without moving.

3. Easy to wear colors

At Maison de la Soie, we have chosen to offer only soft shades that can be easily coordinated with your nightwear or even your bed linen.

4. Reversible nightcaps

Our charlottes or nightcaps are reversible. Thus, they give you the possibility to change colors according to your desires. It also allows you to always keep your hair in contact with the satin part of the silk.