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Bed linen is an element that should not be overlooked because it protects your bedding and helps you sleep better. Aesthetic and infinitely soft, silk bed linen also brings a touch of voluptuousness to your bedroom.

Why choose silk bed linen?

1. Silk synonymous with luxury and refinement

The maunfacturing of silk remained a closely guarded secret for a long time. This noble and 100% natural material remains today one of the most precious fabrics in the world. Its shine brings a touch of elegance to a bedroom and its silky touch envelops you in a cocoon of softness.

2. The benefits of silk

Silk is a very strong fiber. Its strength is often compared to that of steel (equal diameter). Silk bed linen is therefore durable if properly cared for. Silk also has the advantages of being thermoregulatory (cool in summer and warm in winter), breathable (it absorbs moisture), hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-acarid. Thus, it ensures you optimal comfort for a good night's sleep. Silk also has beneficial effects on your skin and hair. It limits the sleep wrinkles, maintains hydration of the skin and absorbs less care products. Your hair will be less brittle and won't get tangled while you sleep.

3. Easy-care bed linen

Silk bed linen can be machine washed at 30 ° C. It also smooths out very easily.

How to choose your silk bed linen?

A complete set of bed linen is composed of a fitted sheet, a duvet cover, one or 2 pillowcases and a flat sheet according to habits and desires of each person.

How to choose your fitted sheet?

To find out which fitted sheet to buy, refer to the size of your mattress. A sheet that is too small could cause the mattress to fold and pull out while you sleep. Conversely, a sheet that is too large will cause folds to appear, making bedtime uncomfortable. Here are the different sizes of fitted sheets available on our site with the corresponding mattress dimensions: - 80 x 200 cm : single bed 80 cm - 90 x 190 cm : single bed 90 cm - 90 x 200 cm : single bed 90 cm - 140 x 190 cm : standard double bed 140 cm - 140 x 200 cm : standard double bed 140 cm - 160 x 200 cm : Queen Size bed 160 cm - 180 x 200 cm : King Size bed 180 cm - 200 x 200 cm : Super King Size bed 200 cm To choose the right fitted sheet, it is also essential to know the thickness of your mattress to define the cup size of your sheet. Indeed, the cap is used to hold the fitted sheet on the mattress. If it is too small, the sheet will not hold in place. At Maison de la Soie, our fitted sheets have large, 30cm high cups that fit all mattresses.

How to choose your duvet cover?

The choice of duvet cover is made according to its duvet, but also to its mattress. In fact, first choose your duvet according to the size of your bed and the desired hanging (see our duvet guide). Once you have found the duvet, you can cover it with a duvet cover of the same dimensions. At Maison de la Soie, we have covers for all sizes of duvets: - 140 x 200 cm - 200 x 200 cm - 240 x 220 cm - 260 x 240 cm - 280 x 240 cm Regarding the finishes, we have chosen a bottleneck opening because the flap makes it easier to put the duvet in place and allows the bed to be tucked in nicely. Please note, most competitors offer button or zipper finishes to save fabric.

How to choose your pillowcase

At Maison de la Soie, we have 3 pillowcase sizes that suit all pillows: - 40 x 60 cm for 40 x 60 cm pillows - 50 x 75 cm for 50 x 70 cm and 50 x 75 cm pillows - 65 x 65 cm for 60 x 60 cm and 65 x 65 cm pillows Regarding the closure, the 19 momme silk pillowcases have a discreet zip and the 22 and 25 momme pillowcases have an envelope opening that closes with a flap inside the pillowcase. Finally, for the finishing touches, you will find pillowcases with or without flounce. The latter, also called Housewife pillowcases, are refined and modern while the Oxford pillowcases with ruffles are in a more chic style and elegantly dress the bed.

How to choose your flat sheet?

Do not confuse a flat sheet and a fitted sheet. We sleep on the fitted sheet that attaches to the mattress and we sleep under the flat sheet that covers us like a blanket. The flat sheet has played an integral part in traditional bedding for a very long time. It is now less used by individuals. In hotels, on the other hand, it is an essential element for a comfortable and neat bed. The flat sheet has several advantages: - it is hygienic. It reinforces the duvet cover and protects your bedding - in summer, if your duvet keeps you too warm, the flat sheet will cover you perfectly - in winter, under your duvet, it allows better heat retention - aesthetically, the flat sheet brings a touch of elegance to your bedroom To choose your flat sheet, we advise you to take one of a larger size than your bed so that it covers you while you sleep, even if you move. At Maison de la Soie, you will find our silk flat sheet in the following dimensions: - 180 x 275 cm, recommended for single beds 90x190 cm and double beds 120x190cm - 240 x 300 cm, perfect for standard double beds 140x190cm - 270 x 300 cm, ideal for Queen Size beds 160x200cm, King Size beds 180x200cm and Super King Size beds 200x200cm

Which quality of silk bed linen to choose?

We have developed silk bed linen in 3 collections: - Prestige Collection 19 mommes, - Excellence Collection 22 mommes, - Quintessence Collection 25 mommes. The momme is the unit of measurement that defines the density of silk contained in the fabric and thus informs us of its quality. The greater the number of mommes, the more beautiful, thick and durable the bed linen will be. Our 19 mommes bed linen has the advantage of being complete. Thus, you can easily compose your silk bed set. The 22 mommes is slightly less fleshed out and the 25 mommes is currently only available for silk pillowcases. Note that for the 22 and 25 mommes pillowcases, our products are carefully packaged in a pretty box ready to offer.

Why choose our silk bed linen?

The best quality of silk bed linen

At Maison de la Soie, we only sell the finest silk: mulberry silk. Unlike some competitors who offer blended fabric without mentioning it, our bed linens are made from 100% mulberry silk and we don't lie on the momme.

Natural bed linen

Our products are natural and are certified free from undesirable substances for health.

Choices according to your means

At Maison de la Soie, we offer bed linen in all qualities to suit all budgets and all requirements. So, at the entry level, you will find the 19 mommes, the most popular weight for our customers, then you have the 22 mommes whose softness is matched only by its longevity and finally, our most precious product, the 25 mommes silk pillowcase, the most beautiful of all silks.