Silk detergent and packing 

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Tenestar is a luxury washing agent specifically studied for silk, viscose and mixed fabrics with silk. It garantees a better durability, softness and smoothness. It can be used for hand or machine washing.

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  • Put your silk duvet and pillows in this stylish storage bag. Flexible but strong, this bag has a transparent PVC size in order to simplify the storage and a fabric side to protect your bedding without damaging it. The high quality zip is made to resist to frequent use.

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  • Offer silky presents in modern and chic gift bags. Made in bright cardboard, they can easily contain silk pillowcases. For a perfect delivery, order you gift bag along with your silky present and send us a comment with your message that we'll put into your parcel.

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  • Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items