Great classic of the 90s, the scrunchie or scrunchy has become a must-have among hair accessories.

Why choose a silk scrunchie?

1. Protected hair

With a silk scrunchie, no more damaged hair! Unlike rubber bands, which torture you when you undo your hairstyle, silk scrunchies can be removed easily, without a hitch. Thanks to the softness and properties of the silk that covers the elastic, the scrunchie glides naturally without damaging or breaking your hair. In addition, the silk scrunchies leave no trace. Your hair keeps its original shape and beauty.

2. Pampered hair

Thanks to its composition and its natural benefits, the silk scrunchie takes care of your hair, making them smooth, shiny and also less brittle. This is because silk fiber has a structure very similar to that of our hair. The natural proteins it contains and the 18 amino acids that compose it contribute to the good hydration of the hair. It is also hypoallergenic and so is ideal for people who are sensitive or suffer from allergies. For beautiful, healthy hair, the material of the scrunchie is therefore an essential element to take into account because a scrunchie made of cotton or synthetic fibers will not have the exceptional properties of silk.

3. Stylish hair

You don't choose a hair accessory just for its benefits, it also has to give you the look you want. As it suits all styles, the silk scrunchie is therefore the ultra-trendy accessory to adopt urgently! Whether you have a casual, chic or sporty style, the silk scrunchie adapts to everyone. For a dressy event, it will add a touch of luxury and elegance to your hairstyle. During festive evenings, you will shine with a thousand lights thanks to it. And in everyday life, the darling will be the trendy detail that will make the difference.

Which scrunchie choose?

1. The classic scrunchie

Popularized by today's idols, the scrunchie has become an essential accessory. If you like its vintage and elegant side, our classic silk scrunchie is for you.

2. The small scrunchie

If you prefer more discreet elastics, but just as good for your hair, our fine silk scrunchie is the accessory for you! Its smaller dimensions allow you to achieve any hairstyle.

Why adopt Maison de la Soie’s silk scrunchies ?

1. Premium quality

Our scrunchies are handcrafted from the finest silk in the world, mulberry silk. And unlike other brands, the rubber bands we put inside our scrunchies are tough and durable.

2. Silk scrunchies at the right price

Our silk scrunchies are among the cheapest on the market. Their prices are justified by a manual confection and a noble raw material. Silk is the most luxurious and valuable fabric that exists. Also direct sales allow us to offer you our favorites at affordable prices.