Silk scrunchies

No more damage to your hair thanks to our silk scrunchies. Whether you prefer the classic scrunchie or the thinner and more discreet hair elastic, our scrunchies will take care of your hair to allow you to make pretty hairstyles without breaking them.

Silk scrunchies 

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Tie your hair up without ripping out your hair. Our 100% luxury silk scrunchies are perfect for keeping your hair smooth, shiny and less fragile.

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4.77/5 (48 avis)
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  • Offer silky presents in modern and chic gift bags. Made in bright cardboard, they can easily contain sleep masks and scrunchies. For a perfect delivery, order you gift bag along with your silky present and send us a comment with your message that we'll put into your parcel.

    2,49 €
  • Stop damaging your hair. Our silk small size scrunchies preserve your hair. More discreet than our trendy scrunchies, these silk elastic hair ties are made for every hair styles.

    6,66 €
    4.63/5 (8 avis)
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  • Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items