Set of 4 silk scrunchies Trésor de Soie


Fall for our Trésor de Soie box including 4 scrunchies available in your favorite colors: black, white, pink and caramel. Tie your hair with style while taking care of them. Silk preserves your hair fiber and the ultra-resistant elastic does not leave a mark or break your hair.


Certified without harmful chemicals


Silk reduces hair tangles, marks and frizz. Hair is less brittle and less electric

Preserve hair moisturizing

Silk limits the dehydration of your hair

Antibacterial and hypoallergenic

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and repels dust mites


Suits all styles. Elegant, ultra-trendy, the scrunchie is a timeless fashion accessory


Our scrunchies from the Trésor de Soie range are soft, shiny and good for your hair. Presented in a pretty box, they will make a sublime gift for your loved ones or yourself!

Luxuous box provided

Our silk scrunchies from the Trésor de Soie range are presented in a pretty box to store them without damaging them and make them accessories ready to be offered.


We have sourced quality elastic to ensure the durability of our silk scrunchies. Strong, it cannot be easily deformed and is suitable for all thicknesses of hair

Data sheet

  • Packaging

    Luxury box

  • Composition

    100% soie naturelle