Silk jacquard bed set


silk fitted sheet  

  • 140x190 cm
  • 140x200 cm
  • 160x200 cm
  • 180x200 cm
Ivory Silk Fitted Sheet 19 mommes

Jacquard duvet cover  

  • 200x200 cm
  • 240x220 cm
  • 260x240 cm
Jacquard Silk duvet cover

Jacquard oxford silk pillowcase x 2  

  • 50x75 cm
  • 65x65 cm
Jacquard oxford silk pillowcases


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Certified without harmful chemicals

Breathability and temperature regulation

Silk regulates body temperature and reduces sweating


Silk reduces facial marks and tangles in hair. The skin is smoother and the hair less brittle.

Preserve skin and hair moisturizing

Silk limits the dehydration of the skin and hair and helps product care to be more effective

Antibacterial and hypoallergenic

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and repels dust mites

Data sheet

  • Silk weight

    19 mommes