Silk Summer Duvet

  • 140x200 cm
  • 200x200 cm
  • 200x220 cm
  • 240x220 cm
  • 260x240 cm
  • 280x240 cm
Autumn silk duvet

  • 140x200 cm
  • 200x200 cm
  • 200x220 cm
  • 240x220 cm
  • 260x240 cm
  • 280x240 cm

Silk combination duvets - Pack summer + autumn

€179.67 €256.67 -30%

Includes a summer together with an autumn silk duvet usable separatly or together to make warmer duvet for winter.


Certified without harmful chemicals

Breathability and temperature regulation

The multi-layer structure helps reducing cold spots and enhances temperature regulation


Silk offers a feeling of softness

Antibacterial and hypoallergenic

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and repels dust mites 


The silk summer duvet (2 - 4 + 9 - 11 tog) is perfect for hot weather and for people who feel the heat because it insulates you from both heat and cold. It allows your body to regulate its temperature naturally.

Fabric & Finish

  • Fill : natural mulberry silk cocoon A Grade long fibers, manually extracted - 180 + 320 g/m2
  • Cover : 100% cotton percale - 300 TC
  • Hand made production without overstitching to avoid thermal bridges, bias cotton finish
  • Available sizes : comforter 140X200 cm (55x79 in.), 200X200 cm (79x79 in.), 220X420 cm (87x94 in.) and 240X260 cm (94x102 in.)

Care instructions

  • Convenient, your silk duvet just needs to be aired about twice a year. The silk filling is tacked so it doesn't move inside the cover.

Customers benefits

  • The filling of our silk duvets is made of mulberry grade A long fibres manually extracted. Silk fibres which are mechanically extracted are short and have very limited thermal properties. You see the quality of our silk thanks to a zip fastener on a side.
  • The long manual production is the only way to produce a long lasting duvet without overstiching and with the best thermal properties.
  • The casing soft and flexible to avoid thermal bridges. The casings of our silk duvets are 300 TC.
  • Fastenings allow you to combine a summer duvet together with an autumn duvet to make a warmer duvet for winter.
  • Hypoallergenic, it improves the sleep of those suffering from respiratory and skin allergies.
  • Antibacterial, it's naturally healthy without any chemical treatment.