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Natural anti-aging silk eye mask. Silk helps skin retain its moisture. The cooling effect helps to fall asleep more quickly.

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4.59/5 (56 avis)
  • Tenestar is a luxury washing agent specifically studied for silk, viscose and mixed fabrics with silk. It garantees a better durability, softness and smoothness. It can be used for hand or machine washing.

    8,33 €
    4.72/5 (36 avis)
  • Tie your hair up without ripping out your hair. Our 100% luxury silk scrunchies are perfect for keeping your hair smooth, shiny and less fragile.

    8,33 €
    4.6/5 (10 avis)
  • Take care of you hair while sleeping thanks to this silk night cap. Your hair is protected from friction and they are more supple, silkier and less fragile due to silk amazing properties. This top of the range accessory is carefully wrapped in silk paper and presented in luxury box.

    57,50 €
  • We recommend using a pillow protector with your silk pillow in addition to your pillowcase. Your pillow will last longer and will be cleaner for an even better sleep environment.

    8,33 €
    4.88/5 (17 avis)
  • 100% silk balaclava perfect for motorbike or winter sports. It protects your neck, head and face. Under a helmet, a hat or a hood, it offers an additional protective layer. The well-known brand Traveler's Tree provides great quality products.

    16,63 €
    4.71/5 (7 avis)
  • The high-quality 100% silk liner gloves keep your hands warm. You can wear them alone or under thicker gloves. Silk is naturally insulating and regulates the temperature. Even if there thin, these gloves will protect your hands from the cold and reduce sweat. The well-known brand Traveler's Tree provides great quality products.

    13,29 €
  • Put your silk duvet and pillows in this stylish storage bag. Flexible but strong, this bag has a transparent PVC size in order to simplify the storage and a fabric side to protect your bedding without damaging it. The high quality zip is made to resist to frequent use.

    5,00 €
    4.14/5 (7 avis)
  • Silk mouth mask with nose clip and a pocket filter. Its softness and adjustable earloops make it comfortable and easy to wear. This washable mask for daily use comes with 7 single-use filters.

    16,58 €
  • Offer silky presents in modern and chic gift bags. Made in bright cardboard, they can easily contain silk pillowcases. For a perfect delivery, order you gift bag along with your silky present and send us a comment with your message that we'll put into your parcel.

    4,16 €
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